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Need help with your Modem? Check out my list below.
Curt's Modem Page Curt's High Speed Modem site - one of the best modem sites out there. MAXMTU Using utilities for registry settings can sometimes improve your connection. Always backup before changing your registry.
Navas Navas Group FAQ's, patches, fixes and modems, a great site. US Robotics Wanna check out the new 56K X2 modem technology from USRobotics?
Rockwell K56Flex & V.90 Information, from Rockwell. US Robotics Line Test Where to get the X2 Line Test from USRobotics?
USR Modem Wizard Modem Wizard Download Site, from USR. Motorola Line Test Motorola 56K Line Test for 56K Flex Modem Users.
USR Courier Code and INF FilesUSR Courier Code and INF Files, this is the COMPLETE list at the USR Direct FTP Download Site. USR Sportster INF Files USR Sportster INF Files. This is the COMPLETE list at the USR Direct FTP Download Site.
Jay's Modem Site A very complete list of modem initialization strings for most manufacturers. USR Support Check out the U.S. Robotics Official Modem Support page here.
Cardinal Check out Cardinal Technologies Official Modem Support Page here. Hayes Check out the Hayes Communications Official Modem Support page here.
Practical PeripheralsPractical Peripherals Official Modem Support page. v.90 Modem Info & Links Latest Information and links about v.90 Modems.
56K ComModem Init Strings, Drivers and INF files for most Popular Manufacturers. Modem Drivers Modem and other Device drivers. Most of the Manufacturer's found here.
Cable Modem Info CenterCable Modem Info Center has Cable Modem Information, FAQ's and Cable Modem Internet Service Providers. RoadRunner Cable Modems RoadRunner Cable Modem Information and Cities Where Available. This is Time Warners Venture.
Brad's Modem Tips Check out my modem tips! BOARS Win95 Tips n Tweaks BDRM - Boars Don't Read Manuals - Win95 Tips n Tweaks Including MAXMTU and RWIN Settings (see Optimize TCP).
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