This past weekend I attended the Group BB 10 year reunion of Kyushu/Okinawa trainees.
It has been a long time to see old friend and we all had a great time. Times like these
remind me why I like Japan so much! June 17th to 20th 2005
(Miyazaki is located in the brown shaded area)

This is the hotel we stayed at.      It is right on the beach.

For diner we had Chinese food. It was a bit more like Japanese. It was very very good.
As you can see, we had our share of beer too.

After diner we all relaxed and talked in our rooms. We were up till 3am.

The next morning Kanta and Tom and I had breakfast and took a few photos. The 3 musketeers.

On the way home, a few of us stopped at a highway rest stop and had lunch before separating.

Kanta and his family took me to several hot springs. This one is special because of the mud.
It was fun. I can still smell it. (and it is a good smell)

Kanta gave me some sunglasses to wear. Funny guy that Kanta....

At the airport to come back to Tokyo we stopped to take a few photos.

Karoki san, my host father from Senshu University is living now in Miyazaki. We had diner and he
showed me off. Which is quite easy seeing he is an aircraft controller at the airport.

A wonderful Time!