This year was the year where I learned how to cook.

I spent a lot of time and tried to cook at least once a week at home.
I know once a week is not that much, but work, judo, life in general
was busy.

What do you think?

Rich's french toast

I love chicken!

This ia a Japanese favorite food called okonomiyaki
It is made from Cabbage, flour and water, and egg. There is also
Small pieces of pork mixed in. Topped with Cheese and an egg.

Sometimes you need sweets. I made this for my last day of

Lasagna was very hard to make, but I did it. and it was good.
I think ;>

This is called kimchi nabe. It is made by placing kimchi in water and
mixing in all different kinds of vegs. There is onion, scallions
tofu, beef, chicken, bean sprouts, carrots. Just about anything works.
Spice up an evening and give it a try.

Sunday breakfast is wonderful!


One thing I miss is good Mexican. I fried up these tortilla's and put
cinnamon and sugar on them. Very easy and very good.

This is like chicken fried steak, but with real chicken. In Japan they
use dried bread to make the coating. You can buy it by the bag
already made. It is so much better than flour.

I love french toast!