Find a ruler and measure the letter "E" above from the top of the letter to the bottom in inches. Please use decimal equivalents and not fractions.

Divide your measurement by 1.25 and then multiply the result by 7.5. This is the distance, in feet, that you need to be away from the monitor screen when conducting the Visual Acuity test.


Cover your left eye with your left hand. If you are wearing glasses, you may hold a sheet of paper in front of the left lens. Begin by reading the bottom line of letters. If you can read this line then your visual acuity is 20/20.

If you cannot, then note the letters of the line you can see, and find the visual acuity of your right eye by reading the numbers to the right of the line you can see. Repeat these steps for the left eye by covering your right eye with your right hand or sheet of paper.

If your visual acuity is less than 20/20, you may need glasses, your existing prescription may need changing, or there may be a problem in your eye. Please consult an eye specialist for further evaluation.

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